Johnny is 12 and he helps
to socialize the puppies
by carrying them around
and including them in his
play. We often hear
comments back from our
customers about how
much their puppies adore
other children!
We think they are
remembering spending
time with Johnny! Johnny
also helps mom feed the
pregnant and nursing
Why are Goldendoodles from Lakeshore different from many others? It's
simple! We have spent years trying to find the best quality dogs that we can
for our breeding program. Each dog has to pass our strict temperament and
health guidelines before they will even be considered to become a "Lakeshore
 Every puppy is born in our living room and they are handled
by our family right from day one. Proper socialization is an essential step in
developing a well adjusted family member!

Many of our puppies will be "Therapy Puppies" before they even leave our
home as part of a program we are starting soon called "Learning Pawsitively".
Our family has established a  501c3 Not For Profit organization that will be
running this program at a youth center we have opened. To read more about
the Youth Center click here:

To read more about the Learning Pawsitively Program please click here:

We raise our puppies in our home with our family. They live with us and are
handled from the minute they are born. This is a very important step in raising
a happy well adjusted puppy. We also are right there watching them interact
with each other everyday - as well as keeping tract of how they react to us.
This gives us the information we really need about their individual
personalities in order to help you choose the one that will fit into your family
the best!

We give our pregnant and nursing moms Karbo Essentials (which can be
ordered at everyday in order to decrease the possibility
of many pathogenic bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi and toxins in the GI
tract, and the whole body, from causing health issues in our babies. We also
give this to every puppy as soon as they begin eating. It is highly
recommended that you continue with Karbo Essentials after taking your new
puppy home until they reach 6 months of age.

At Lakeshore we take our health testing very seriously! The majority of our
dogs are not only health tested themselves - but they also come from parents
that were health tested as well. This means that many of the puppies from
Lakeshore Doodles come from "Double Generational" health tested lines! In
order to be considered Double Generational Health tested the grandparents
must have had some health testing accomplished but not necessarily
everything that we do on our own dogs. Look for the logo above on our
available puppy pages or our upcoming litter pages! ( In the rare instance of
an accidental breeding etc with a dog that has not been tested there will be no
testing listed under their picture in the description section)

English Cream Goldendoodles are a very special line of doodles with many
benefits. They are superior to other types of Goldendoodles because of the
special influence of the English Cream Golden Retriever.

Many English Cream Golden Retrievers have been imported from other
countries outside of the U.S. This is important to understand because some of
these countries have laws that mandate health testing prior to any dog being
bred. Health testing is not an option for them like it is here in the U.S. - it must
be done! This means that puppies from these lines have a
proven heritage of

Another  benefit that is acquired from the English Cream Retriever is that
gorgeous blocky square head and body type! These dogs are known for their
stocky build which does tend to come through in the doodle puppies that they
produce, creating a dog that more closely resembles the square build of the
Golden vs. the taller, more slender structure of the Poodle.

English Cream Retrievers are also known for having a calm, gentle
disposition. When you combine a proven heritage of health, a gorgeous
stocky, square built appearance, and a calm, gentle disposition it is a
combination that is hard to beat!

We are so proud of the many people who have taken the time to train their
Lakeshore Doodle for therapy work in order to touch the lives of many people
in their communities! Here are a few of the Lakeshore Doodle Heros'...

We have done everything we can to create a recipe for success in our
breeding program. But, taking the time to research prior to purchasing a
puppy and gaining the necessary information needed in order to properly
train your puppy is all up to you! There is so much more to choosing the right
puppy than simply picking which one is the cutest - and we think it is
important that you learn about this BEFORE bringing home a new family
addition. In order to help you through this learning process we have an
extensive information section on our website. This is Step 2 in our process.

There are many topics covered such as:
Are Goldendoodles Really Hypo-Allergenic?
What are F1's and F1b's?
Do I Want a Male or a Female?
What do OFA and CERF mean to me?
Are English Creams only Cream?
and so much more!

Oliver is an F1b Goldendoodle from Jack and
Holly. He has his Canine Good Citizens title
and is a therapy dog!
Thank you to Terrey for all of your amazing
Kobi is an F1 Goldendoodle from Mandy and
Ricky. He works in a library "reading" with
children in Connecticut! Thank you Nancy for
giving your time to help others!
Ricco is an F1 English Goldendoodle who is a
therapy dog in a physicians assistant's office in
Tonawanda NY. Lisa you are amazing, Thank
you for letting Ricco help people!
Jesse is a very welcome visitor in nursing
homes! Just look at that "Smile" on his face!
Dianne - we so appreciate the time you put into
all of the therapy work you do in Brockport NY.
You are an inspiration to so many people -
including us!