"Just wanted you to know that Reeses is doing well. No. Doing Fantastic...
Our vet (two check ups since he's come "home") confirmed that we do,
indeed, have a very healthy pup... His temperament is extraordinary. Very,
very sweet. Compatibility with Chase is more than we could have hoped for.
They are buds. It was a risk on our end to adopt via internet. We could not
have been more fortunate. Thank you for your efforts re communication and
for all that your whole family did in raising such a gentle addition to our family.
Should you ever have cause to, please feel free to use us as a reference for
any other family inquiring long distance about your pups. Again, so many
thanks! Mary"
"Oh my heavens to Betsy! What a sweet puppy! I have never in my life seen
such a calm dog. She follows me around and even followed my grandson
around, but no jumping or nipping. Wow" Pat
"King is doing great. He is getting lots of exercise and adapted to his new
surroundings quickly. My son Alex absolutely adores him, he is his soccer
training partner. Also, he can't seem to pass up anyone at the park or on a
walk without getting petted and playing. He did great on the plane ride home.
It was nice to meet all of you, thank you for a wonderful puppy!" Jon and Alex
and Astro
"Hi Beth, just wanted to report in with Belle, she's darling. Just adorable,
everything you said: affectionate, sweet as can be, playful, smart. She already
seems to have grasped the fetch concept pretty well, and she also seems to
love a good tug-of-war." Blausteins
"Just wanted to send you a few pictures. He is the cutest, most loavable and
adorable puppy. I am so happy with him. He is very obedient and smart, sits
on command and is also beginning to stay (for short periods of time), barks
to go out and come in, walks very well on the leash. HE is a true treasure."
"Hi, Beth, I wanted to say a big THANK-YOU for Mandy, she is such a
beautiful girl, her temperament is wonderful, and she is just a pleasure to
have around. I took her to the vets and they said she is great health." Diann
"I just wanted to let you know how Scout was turning out. He is doing very
well. He is very sweet and loving and a very smart dog. I trained him to sit and
stay in about 5 minutes. He sleeps on the bed between my 5 and 7 year old
daughters. He stands at he door and barks when he needs to go out. He is so
cute and playful too. He always carries around empty paper towel rolls! We
just wanted to thank you for such a sweet and gentle dog and to let you know
that we will be contacting you again if we decide to get another one!" Shawn
"Hello! We just wanted to let you know that we absolutely adore Ralphie. He
has the sweetest personality. Our vet and trainer keep telling us that we really
have an exceptional dog. My neice had a terrible fear of dogs - she couldn't be
anywhere near one. After meeting Ralphie, seh has fallen in love with him. His
patience and gentle disposition have completely eliminated her fear.
Everyone has been so amazed with him. I can't say enough about him. Our
kids look forward to seeing him everyday. He has been a great addition to our
family! Thanks Kristen and Chris
"Beth, here are some recent pictures of our wonderful puppy!!!! He has been
a blessing to our family!! And our children check your website every day,
looking at all the new puppies!!! They are trying to talk me into getting
another one so Shiloh has a playmate, but I keep telling them that 1 puppy is
good enough right now! However, I do have to say that Gatsby is absolutely
adorable!!!!! How can we thank you for such a wonderful addition to our
family!!! Bartlets
with everyone, we just fenced our yard in so she can run and she is so
happy all the time...Loving to give anyone who will let her get kisses.....We
will send some pictures soon...If you ever need a reference on your kennel,
please do not hesitate to contact us ...we absolutely adore her..........Thank
you so much...... Altiers
great. He is eating and sleeping through the night. He is also very playful and
getting along great with our other dog- Lance. Everybody just loves him.
Thanks so much-he is so adorable. Bob and Robyn
Hello, I just wanted to give you an update on one of your puppies.  My
Husband and I bought Madison (otherwise known as Tory) in June.  She is a
wonderful dog!  She is so much fun and full of love.  She loves to cuddle and
always wants to be right next to us.  She goes to doggie day care one day a
week because I have a graduate class in the evening, and that way she is not
in her cage too long.  She loves it. She loves other dogs and all people.  We
get so many compliments on how great she is and how beautiful she is.  She
is already 40 lbs and is just starting to get feathers.  Thanks once again for
such a great dog! Janet Mulder
Hi Beth, I sure you don't remember me, I adopted Mandy a.k.a. Manhattan..I
just wanted to let you know how she is doing..she is actually a seizure alert
dog for me. She is a blessing. I wanted to thank you so much for breeding
such wonderful pups. Her dog walkers want to clone her. Dian
As you can see, he settled right in.  He was so good in the car.  He whined
a very little at first and that was it.  We stopped for gas about three
hours after we left and we took him out to see if he had to go.  He went
right back in the carrier and didn't complain at all.  He amused himself by
slightly shredding the newspaper.  He ate very well when we got home and
took care of his business outside also. He was a perfect gentleman last night.  
We put him in his crate, put the crate next to our bed and we all went to sleep.  
He never made a sound.  The only sound I heard was this morning when I got
up.  It was his tail.  As he wagged it, it was banging against the side of the
carrier.  Needless to say, we are having a ball playing with him.  He has a great
disposition and is so sweet. I was really nice to meet you and your family.  
Thanks again for everything.  I will keep you posted on his progress.  Best
wishes, Lynne and Tom
Hello Beth,
Riley is doing great. He seems to be adjusting to big city life really well.
Emily and I are absolutely loving our new family member. Thank you so much.
Best regards, Andrew
Just wanted you and your family to know that Reba is doing fine! We love her
so much, she is such a good dog and  very easy to work with! Getting bigger
fast! We are so happy! , Darla
I couldn't ask for a better behaved dog.  He weighs in right now at 85 pounds
(most of which  I think is his big block head, which we love!) and our vet
absolutely adores him. Hope all is well. Take care... Ryancare... Ryan
Hi, Hope all is well with you and your family. Just wanted to give you an update
on Rory who is now Winston.  He is doing very well. He is growing by leaps
and bounds. On his first visit to the vet on 11/14 he weighed 9lbs 4 oz and got
an A+ for his condition and conduct. On his second visit on 11/30, we was up
to 13 lbs 8 oz and got his next set of shots. He is doing very well. We are all
having a great time with him. He settled right into our home. He never gave us
any trouble at night. He has been very well behaved with our grandchildren,
although, he has a special liking for our granddaughter's ears and at 1 year
old, she's not too fond of having her ears licked. We all love him and are very
ahppy to have him as part of our family. Lynne and Tom and Winston
Hi Beth! Our Luca is doing fantastic! I just wanted to tell you that we just got
back from the vet... I gave her all the information you gave us and she was
incredibly impressed! She said that she does not normally like what breeders
send home, but that she really, really likes all the information you sent us
home with. She said Luca looks like he had been VERY well taken care of and
it is obvious he came from a top notch breeder! She sad she does not
normally see this level of exceptional breeders! Thank you!!!!
"Oh my heavens to Betsy! What a sweet puppy! I have never in my life seen
such a calm dog. She follows me around and even followed my grandson
around, but no jumping or nipping. Wow" Pat
"Oh my heavens to Betsy! What a sweet puppy! I have never in my life seen
such a calm dog. She follows me around and even followed my grandson
around, but no jumping or nipping. Wow" Pat