We do accept deposits on our puppies as soon as they are posted on
our upcoming litter page, or when they have been born. But, we do
not allow anyone to choose their puppy until they are about 6 weeks
of age or until we feel that we know our puppies well enough to give
you important information about their overall size, coat type and

We like to avoid having you choose only by appearance because
their are so many additional factors that are important to consider in
order to get a good fit for your family and lifestyle.

When we are ready for the selection process to begin we take new
pictures of the puppies and post them on our website. We will then
contact the first person who sent us a deposit on that particular litter
of puppies.

You have the option of coming here in person to meet the puppies or
selecting from the pictures on the website and speaking in depth
with us about your family and our puppies individual traits. We will
do our best to help you make the best choice for your specific needs
and preferences.

We will then contact the next person in line and continue until every
puppy has found a good home.

As each family picks their puppy we will remove that puppies picture
from our website. This way you will have a good idea of how it is all
progressing and when your turn is coming.

Rest assured that if you are one of the last people choosing, we will
not sell a puppy to a family that we do not feel will be a good fit for
one reason or another. We always reserve the right to refuse to sell
a puppy to anyone for any reason if we do not feel it in the puppies
best interest.

If when it is your turn to choose a puppy, we do not have a good fit
based on gender, color or personality issues - you will have the
option of having your deposit refunded or you can opt to place it on
another litter or puppy that is coming available. Our deposits are
non-refundable for any other reason.