A dewclaw is a small claw that is on the side of the dog's paw. It is
in about the same place as our human thumbs. Some puppies
have them on the front paws only and others have them on all four.

Some breeders routinely remove these claws but we have
decided against doing this on our puppies.

The practice of removing these was most often used in the
sporting breeds because they would have a higher chance of
tearing them or catching them on something while running through
thick brush during a hunt.

Because most Goldendoodles have hair that covers these
dewclaws and because most Goldendoodles are not running loose
through fields and bounding over wire fences while hunting - we
feel removing them is an unnecessary thing.

The removal actually takes place when the puppy is only about
two days old! The procedure basically amounts to cutting off a two
day olds thumb with a sharp instrument with NO ANESTHESIA.