Some breeders are offering puppies that have already been
spayed or neutered before they go their new homes. This
procedure is typically done at around 7 weeks of age.

We have consulted our veterinarian and have decided against this
procedure for our puppies.

This practice originally began in the dog shelters when a litter of
unwanted puppies was surrendered. The purpose was to help
avoid additional litters of puppies from people who are not
responsible enough to have their pets neutered on their own.

Breeders are now taking advantage of this as well because it
assures them that no one will be able to breed their puppy without
their approval. It is also a nice added benefit for those purchasing
their puppies.

We have decided against this because we feel that it is not in the
best interest of the puppy. In order to do the early spay or neuter
the puppies must be put under anesthesia when they are about 7
weeks of age which can have harmful outcomes in some cases. In
addition to this we feel it is vitally important for the puppy to be
able to have the hormones God gave them in order to grow

Although at first glance the early spay and neuter option may
sound like a good idea - when you look further into it it is easy to
see that it may not be in the best interest of the puppy at all.

We do have a spay/neuter agreement for everyone who purchases
one of our puppies. This should be done around 6 months of age
according to most veterinarians.