English Cream Goldendoodles have the English Cream Golden
Retriever in their lineage. Most of the Goldens and
Goldendoodles in our program are from the English lines.

The major reason we have made this line our choice is due to
health issues. In America you can breed two dogs who
knowingly have hip dysplasia or any other health issue. The
AKC, CKC, UKC or any other club will register the puppies and
the breeder can sell them. In some other countries it is
mandated by law that if you are going to breed dogs - they must
be health tested. Health is a major concern for us - so by
obtaining our dogs from the English lines - we have a proven
heritage of health because not only are the parents that we own
health tested but many, many dogs in their background have
also been tested! That is a huge advantage for sure!

The English Cream Golden Retriever is also known for its big
square and stocky build - it's gorgeous cream coloration - and
it's gentle disposition. They typically also come from lines that
have a lot of health testing done in their backgrounds.

When you combine the blocky body type of the English Cream
Golden Retriever to the Doodle line - it typically adds substance
to the build of the Goldendoodle, creating a puppy that is also
stockier and squarer built than some other Goldendoodles can

This is a great choice for those who want a dog that more
closely resembles the Golden instead of the Poodle.

They also typically have a very soft, full and fluffy look that is
quite stunning when combined with a blocky body type. And
when you combine this gorgeous look with the gentle, laid back
disposition and a background of health tested ancestors - you
have an incredible combination for sure!

Here are some examples of some of our Standard adult English
Cream Goldendoodles as well as some of our puppies!