• An F1 is really the first generation of the cross between two
    purebred dogs. If you cross a purebred Golden Retriever
    with a purebred Poodle - this is considered an F1 puppy.

  • This mix can produce non-shed & low to medium shed
    coats in a variety of types that can be soft and wavy or
    even tighter curl.

  • An F1b is a "Back~cross"

  • This means that you take a "Doodle" who has 2 purebred
    parents that are different breeds.... and you breed this
    "Doodle" with a purebred poodle.

  • This type is better for those seeking a dog if there are
    allergies or asthma involved.

  • These coats are typically anywhere from a loose wave to a
    tight curl.
This is a very good question, but unfortunately has no cut and dry

Doodles are a crossbreed dog which means they are not
"Standardized". Simply put the puppies in each litter can have a
variety of looks or coat types. This is not a bad thing - as long as you
understand it, and as long as you are dealing with a responsible
breeder who is honest in evaluating their own puppies.

If a breeder you are dealing with simply tells you that their puppies
are hypoallergenic - use caution. Have you ever seen a family with
three children from the same two parents - and one of them looks as
if they are adopted? This same thing can happen with doodles - but
there are also times when you have puppies that have very
consistent coat types and overall appearances amongst their own
littermates. An experienced breeder will be able to talk to you to find
out what your needs are for allergy concerns along with your
preferences for a desired look and help you to make a wise choice.

The other thing that makes this hypoallergenic question a tough one
is the fact that each person's allergies can be very different from the
next person who also suffers from allergies. So there may not be one
specific coat type that is perfect for every single person who has
special needs in this area.

Now, in general we will always recommend an F1b coat (see below
for an explanation of what F1 and F1b really mean) for anyone with
allergy or asthma concerns that are dog related. But you must also
realize that there are some outstanding F1 coated puppies and some
not so great F1b's.... so in addition to the generation (f1 or f1b) you
must also take into account the attributes of the individual puppy you
are interested in.

Don't let this all discourage you! Doodles are typically a fantastic
choice for those with allergies - we simply want to make sure you
are well informed before choosing a puppy!