People calling us from all across the country often ask us this
question. Not only do we consider it a good one, it also shows
good discernment and judgement on the callers part!

It is truly to your benefit to locate an area breeder that will allow
you to come visit the mom and the father of the puppies, as well
as the puppies themselves. You can learn alot about your new
perspective pup by spending time with the parents as well as
seeing the environment in which they have been raised.

With that being said, you may also be at a disadvantage in
locating a reputable breeder who is within driving distance of
your home. You should not feel limited to this option - but you
should use caution when speaking with people you cannot visit

Before internet use grew to be an everyday household event,
puppy buyers were often limited to their local newspaper
advertisements for contact numbers for finding a new pet. Now
the entire county has been opened up for your search. The
internet has opened to you, the buyer, a huge new group of
breeders to speak with and consider.

Remember: The internet not only opens up the possibility of a
bad experience it also gives you many more opportunities than
ever before to find exactly what you are looking for, because it
also allows for you to search the entire Nation for reputable
breeders. You will now have many choices of experienced
breeders to choose from instead of only whomever is limited to
your geographical location.

Our advice continues to be to that you should first search your
own area for good quality, reputable breeders. If you do not find
someone you are comforatable with or someone who has what
you are looking for  - then begin a nationwide search through the
internet - but always use caution!

We have personally purchased quite a few dogs and puppies
from across the country that we have found on the iternet. Our
experiences thus far have been extremely positive.

Good-Luck in your search! And be careful in your selection!