We have two options for shipping your puppy.

The first is only for those people who live in the NY, NY City, Albany,
PA, NJ, Mass, or Connecticut areas.

We have a friend who can personally deliver your puppy directly to
your home. She never takes puppies from other breeders or kennels,
only ours and her own. We would never send them with any other
puppy ground transport service as we would not know if the other
puppies were healthy or not and we would not want to chance our
puppies coming in contact with any diseases before they arrived in
your home.

The fee for this service is generally less than airline shipping - you
will have to contact us for a price quote - this is dependent on the
distance she will be driving. Please contact us to see if this service is
available for you as it is not always an option for every puppy within
these areas.

The second option is to ship through the airlines:
The cost of shipping within the United States is generally around $325
which includes the cost of the flight, the shipping crate and the flight
certificate needed from the veterinarian. This price may change
depending upon fuel costs.

We make all of the flight arrangements for you, around your schedule
as much as possible. Flights are not available in every city or to every
airport so please contact us for more information about this option.

We generally fly with either Continental or Delta airlines.

Most airlines will not ship puppies if the temperatures are going to be
85 degrees or above or under 20 degrees - anywhere the pup will be
stopping during it's travel that day. Continental is the only airlines that
does not have these strict temperature restrictions because they
have air-conditioned vehicles and layover facilities for the puppies.
Continental does not always fly into all airports, so this option may not
be available to you.

Prior to shipment we will email or call you with all of the flight times
and numbers. When you go to the airport to pick-up the pup you
should take your drivers license with you to claim the puppy. We will
also tell you the cost of the flight if the puppy is being sent COD.

Each airport has different ways of handling the puppies when they
arrive. Some airports will have you pick up your puppy in the baggage
area and others will send you to a separate cargo facility. You should
call in advance to determine where you will need to meet you puppy.
If they have this information when we schedule the flight we will
include it with the rest of the information. If not you can call these
numbers and ask for this info:

Delta: 877-528-4961
Continental: 1-800-575-3335


This is a very good question that we get asked regularly. First of all
you must remember that every single new experience can be
frightening to a young puppy. Even a car ride home is scary as they
are not with their brothers and sisters and they do not feel
comfortable away from us. A visit to the vets,  a trip to puppy
obedience school, a vaccuum that sounds differently from ours and
thier first night in their dog crate - can all be terrifying at first.

Try to remember that
just because it is scary does not mean it is bad.
All of these things are exactly what a young pup must go through in
order to become a well-adjusted confident adult dog.

If there are no unforseen complications during your pup's flight, he
will handle it very well and you can have the fun of re-assuring him on
the other end when you finally meet face to face!

We have sent many puppies from NY to CA with great success. We
have also purchased many puppies and adult dogs this way and we
have been very happy in both instances.
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