The first reason we wait until they are 6 weeks of age is due to their
physical development.

The puppies physical characteristics amongst litter mates can vary
tremendously.  If you look at the puppies above when they were 6
weeks of age - you will see straight coats, wavy coats and curly
coats. Remember that all four of these were from the very same
litter and have quite different looks and coat types. These changes
are not always evident until they are at least 6 weeks old.


The second reason is so that we can offer opinions on the overall
estimated adult size of the puppies. Although we cannot guarantee
what the puppies size at maturity will be - we can offer some
advice on the topic because we have had time to evaluate their
development in comparison to their own litter mates.  Size issues
can vary quite a bit even in the very same litter of puppies. This
can happen for several  reasons:

The first is due to the size of the parents that were bred together. If
both parents are about the same size, we may end up with a litter
of puppies that are overall quite similar in size - but there can be
exceptions to this rule which we will explain below. There are also
times when we breed two parents of differing sizes which can
mean puppies of varying sizes as well. This size difference is not
always evident when they are born - but can become apparent
within the first 4-6 weeks of age.

The second reason that size issues can happen even in the very
same litter is because of the influence of the poodle, especially
when the standard poodle is in the mix. Standard poodles can
range in size from about 15" at the shoulders to about 30" at the
shoulders which is the size of a Great Dane! This is a HUGE
difference  that can become a factor in the overall size at maturity.
You can have one puppy take after a small poodle in their lineage
and another one take after a very larger one - all in the very same
litter of puppies. These size differences are not always known until
they have had time to grow and develop.


The other reason that we wait until they are at least 6 weeks of age
is so that we can help you to choose a puppy that has a good
personality and temperament for the individual needs of your

By waiting these 6 weeks it gives us the opportunity to watch how
the puppies interact with each other.  This gives us a lot of insight
into which puppies may have a more dominant temperament or
which ones may be more laid back etc...

Choosing according to personality is very important because each
different family has different needs. A family that has multiple
children who are very excited to get a puppy and will be playing
with them all day will need a puppy with a different temperament
than someone with no children at all. Someone with children who
have never been around dogs before and are afraid of dogs will
definitely need a puppy with a specific personality. If your family
has a large fenced in area for running and playing, you will be able
to choose a puppy that is quite different than someone who lives in
an apartment.

There are many factors that go into choosing a puppy that will be a
good fit for the very specific needs of your own family! By waiting
these few weeks it gives us the time we need in order to evaluate
the litter of puppies and help you to make a wise choice instead of
an emotional one!
Here are some pictures of one day old
English Cream F1B Goldendoodle puppies.
Here are the same puppies at
2 weeks of age
Here they are at 4 weeks of age.....
Here they are again at 6 weeks of age.....
We often get asked "Why do we have to wait until the puppies are
six weeks of age in order to choose the one we want?". This is a
very good question that we hope to clearly answer for you....

Take a look at the pictures of the puppies below. You will be able
to see the development of a litter of puppies from the first day they
were born all the way through six weeks of age.

You will be able to see how much they change over the first month
and a half - and it should give you a good understanding of why we
ask you to wait before choosing the puppy that would fit in best
into your own family.