We bathe our puppies even if they are not dirty. We put them
through this entire process so that they will get used to being
handled this way.

They are bathed, towel dried and then blow dried quite often.
We hold them in our laps for the drying process so that we can
eliminate their nervousness as much as possible while
undergoing this scary new event!

We brush our Doodle pups in order to begin training them to
sit still until we are finished.

The puppies feet and toes are individually handled in order to
prepare them for nail clipping. We begin clipping their nails
when they are just a few weeks old and continue this until the
day they leave for their new homes.

We handle their ears and also go through the cleaning motions
even if the ears are not in need of cleaning. This all helps
them to accept this handling while they are young so that they
will not fight it as they mature. You should continue this after
you take your new puppy home.
Having your ears cleaned is
not so bad when you do it with a friend!